About Us

The Artonius Graphic Studio was established in 1994 in Hungary. Our custom mainly consists of the enterprises operating in the fields of economics and culture. Besides completing assignments in Hungary, we are now receiving numerous foreign contracts especially from the USA and the Far-East.

Our main activities include graphic designs, logo design, corporate identity, implementing brochures, books and other publications as well as preparing press advertisements, developing and servicing web sites. Designing logos, web- and corporate identity are the easiest to prepare on the Internet. The customer describe their ideas in an e-mail and we send back the initial plans within a few days. On the basis of previous practice, the final work is prepared after three or four agreements wich we over hand in all the format desired by the customer.

Our computer system in based on Macintosh system, however, we receive and send materials of Windows base.

Our subcontractors are highly qualified experts with great technical background from the fields of marketing, photography and the printing industry. Together with our staff we always strive to achieve a fruitful, long-term and succesful business contact. Our results so far well support the fact we are on the right path.

We are available for our customers with reasonable prices, rapid and reliable services. If our product samples have arisen your interest, please contact us.